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Website Design

If you’re a business owner that doesn’t have a website today, your business is in serious trouble.

Why? Because everyone expects any successful business to have a website.

In fact, many prospective customers will refuse to do business with you if you don’t have a website because they worry that you may not be a legitimate business — believe it or not.

Even if you have a website for your business, you could potentially have a problem attracting prospects and customers if it’s poorly designed or doesn’t function well.

Designing The Perfect Website

The hard part about designing your own website is getting caught up in the actual artwork and visuals. While they are definitely important, the real goal of your website is not to look pretty — it’s to convert prospects into customers.

Four Step Marketing takes four different steps into consideration when creating websites for our clients.

  1. Goal – What is the goal of the website? Are you looking for quick sales? Do you want to attract leads? Whatever the goal is, it should be clear immediately upon visiting your website. For example, if your goal is capturing leads, then you need to have your free offer and opt in form front and center as soon as people click to visit your website.
  2. Design – Focus your design on your target audience. For example, if you’re marketing to college students, you’re going to need a totally different design and content, than if you’re marketing to senior citizens. Always match the design to your target audience.
  3. Contact – If you seem unopen to contact, you’ll have a hard time making sales. Put an offer on every page of your website and include your contact information on every page, even if you only include it at the very bottom. Add your social media links, include a link to your podcast or YouTube videos, add a contact form, so prospects and customers can contact you right from your website. The more open you seem to interaction with prospects and customers, the more prospects and customers you’ll have.
  4. Tracking – You must build tracking and analytics into your website code or you’ll end up leaving a whole lot of money on the table at the end of the day. With tracking, you can learn important things like when exactly during the checkout process people change their minds about making a purchase. How long people stay on your website. The most popular website pages people visit. These are all important to the success of your website.

Are You Ready For A New Website?

Whether you’re a business starting from scratch and you don’t have a website, or you’re an existing business with a website that could look and function a little better, Four Step Marketing can create a winning website for your business.

Give us a call toll free at # anytime for a free no obligation 30 minute website design consultation. Remember, you need a website to succeed in business today. Luckily, Four Step Marketing makes getting an outstanding website incredibly easy.

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