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When creating an effective email marketing campaign for your business, you have many things to consider. You not only need to create interesting, compelling messages that your prospects will read and act on, but you also need to craft marketing messages that target prospects exactly where they are on the A to Z buying scale.

A To Z Buying Scale

Successful email marketing really all comes down to the fact that you can’t send the same email marketing messages to A to Y scale buyers that you send to Z scale buyers.

A to Y scale buyers are people who haven’t decided to buy yet. They’re interested, but are still doing their research and are shopping around. Z scale buyers are ready to buy now. They’ve done their research. They’ve shopped around. They’re ready.

These two types of prospects are totally different, and you must target your email marketing to them differently as well.

Other Things To Consider

Another thing you need to consider is that it’s critical to send emails that actually interest the prospects on your list. When people opt into your list, a few of them may do so just to get your free offer, but most of them are really interested in learning more about the products or services you offer.

This is an incredible opportunity — one you should take seriously so your list doesn’t opt out. You must send emails that interest, engage, and educate your prospects with helpful information. Four Step Marketing can ensure your hard work building your list doesn’t go to waste. We’re experts at creating follow up emails that work and do a great job for your business.

Let Us Design Your Email Campaign

We’d like to design your email marketing campaign. We can not only craft a series of emails that convert prospects into customers, but we can also set up email automation that ensures seamless arrival of your emails on autopilot.

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Four Step Marketing is eager to hear from you, whether you’re ready to get started with an email marketing campaign, or you just want to learn more. Give us a call toll free at # for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation today.

Looking to create a winning email campaign? Need help starting a list? Want to improve the results you achieve with your existing list? We can help. Contact Four Step Marketing today.

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